Friday, September 09, 2011

Welcome Miss Lysha Blog

Ape Lu Mou ?? wa da bosan sama lu !!!
Hahaha... da xtaw ap jadi dgn BLOG aq ni .... Became a normal page !!! aku xske edit BLOG !! da malas nak mcm beria sangat..... yang penting de member ley kongsi problm nan aq... pape pon Klik disini .... ADD me n mcj la pape yg patut Oke ... da malas nak letak TAGBOARd !!




Thursday, September 08, 2011


This week, my class only two times .... Aduhhhh ... Just more tired .... lecturer seems many still beraya! hehe ... no more duit raya ke ?.... I do not like is the edit blog .. Who can help edit right ???.. blogs of others only beautiful and smart .. I have? Nag! Whatever can not be! hahahaha!

Today I am so hypertension ... bored ... Why should I treat them? whether because of contacts or the like?

I do not know is, how do i reject the request! how eh?

I am not comfortable with what I have right now! I felt around me all wrong je ... I am not wrong in the eyes!

Lazy to more story !! STUPID !!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Name : Ahmad Akif Bin Zakaria

Age : 21 Years Old

D.O.B : 09-06-90

P.O.B : Pontian , Johor

Status : Married With Miss Lysha
Child : 4Month